Medical Advisory Board Member

Mark Roberts, Child Restraint Expert SAPLACOR EMS Distributor
Mark Roberts, Child Restraint Expert
EMS Advisor
A leading expert in the Emergency Medical Services field, Mark Roberts has successfully led and delivered EMS and critical transportation projects throughout Europe and internationally—both as a consultant and as principal director of many of the world’s leading companies.  Elected by the BSI and CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) as a world expert for ambulance stretchers and other patient handling equipment, Mark is globally recognised as a truly unique special talent.

• Project lead in the development of the Extra Small Ambulance Child Restraint catering for infants with a weight range of 4-11 lbs in transport.  The restraint’s specialist design enables the unrestricted access and treatment to an infant, during transportation, is CEN compliant and has been tested in 6 directions at the force of 10g.

• A lead in the design and development of the modular incubator trolley system/cot, including the CE certification and FEA testing to ensure CEN compliance.  The development of these unique trolleys design and manufacture has enabled transport services to deliver positive outcomes and to utilize research and development globally.

• Project Lead in the development of the Neo Restraint for the Atom and International Biomedical range of incubators for the US market.

  CHEST                        SIZE

29-32 inches 1
32-37 inches 2
37-42 inches 3
42-47 inches 4
47-52 inches 5