Aegis Performs the Entire Evacuation Process.

Other evacuation devices only do half of the evacuation getting baby out of the hospital.

But what about completing the transport to the receiving facility?

The Aegis Wrap allows mom and baby to safely evacuate together while being hands-free and reducing the risk of neonatal hypothermia.

Aegis also allows mom or evacuation staff to have hands free for equipment like oxygen tanks or backpacks.

Mom is the Ultimate Incubator

Reduce Risk of Neonatal Hypothermia During Evacuation

The Aegis Neonate Medical Wrap allows mom and baby to be 100% hands-free, skin-to-skin in cold outdoor temperatures.

Baby is kept with heat and food source: mom.

The Who recommends skin-to-skin bonding for optimal neonatal thermoregulation.

Aegis Provides Security During Evacuation.

During an evacuation, both mom and baby must leave the hospital.

But what happens to the integrity of the security tags attached to baby once it leaves the hospital?

With the Aegis Wrap, baby is able to maintain zero-separation with mom or hospital staff to ensure security and location.