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We are excited to announce the AEGIS Neonate Wrap is

2018 EMS WORLD EXPO Innovation Award Finalist

2019 EMS TODAY Hot New Product 

AEGIS, a patented award-winning disposable harness system, is the solution for safe multi-patient ambulance transports to minimize risk of injury, and hypothermia. AEGIS provides close proximity for transport team to assess and continually monitor mother and baby during transport.


AEGIS, a FDA general wellness device, tested at Calspan Corporation for frontal, rear, and side impact.



AEGIS establishes the best-practice procedure by safely harnessing and restraining the newborn skin to skin with mother. This practice eliminates a separate transport alternative, which has been clinically proven to cause emotional distress.

AEGIS allows for ALL passengers to be securely restrained during ground ambulance transport.

  • Transport together to decrease mother and newborn stress.
  • Suitable for newborns and early infants 4 to 14 lbs (1.8-6.3 kg).
  • Newborn's face is visible to easily monitor breathing by mother and transport team.
  • Nanoguard supports newborn's head and neck.
  • Supports newborn limbs close to the torso in a frog-legged natural anatomical/in utero position.
  • 4-way stretch material harnesses entire newborn and absorbs energy from impact.
  • Quick access 60 lb tested zipper with two sets of eye hook closures for added security. 
  • Allows tubes/lines to pass through easily.
  • X-STATIC provides AEGIS with antimicrobial/anti-odor properties.
  • X-STATIC thermoregulatory properties helps reduce the risk of hypothermia.
  • Moms chest acts as a support system like a rear-facing carseat to mitigate impact during a frontal collision.
  • Compact and easy to store in ambulance unit.

Crash Test Worthiness Video 


AEGIS Ambulance Instruction Video

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        CHEST                        SIZE

      29-32 inches 1
      32-37 inches 2
      37-42 inches 3
      42-47 inches 4
      47-52 inches 5