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Hands-Free, Couplet-Care After Delivery Provides the Best Possible Start for Newborns and Moms.

Technimount EMS® and SAPLACOR Sign Exclusive Distribution Agreement in Canada.

Press Release

Quebec City, QC, (August 17th, 2023) - Technimount E.M.S. Holding Inc. (“Technimount EMS”) a Canadian company dedicated to serving the healthcare community with the highest quality products, announced today an exclusive distribution agreement in Canada with Saplacor LLC. (“Saplacor), an innovative company committed to increasing safety and mitigating risk for newborns.

Technimount EMS is proud to introduce to the Canadian market Saplacor’s patented and award-winning Aegis neonate medical wrap. This baby carrier is the only FDA-cleared skin-to-skin bonding device for hand-free couplet care. It integrates silver fiber which helps to maintain thermoregulation and naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of fabrics.

Positioned as the Seatbelt of Maternity, the Aegis can be used in hospital, emergency transport, and during evacuation. This couplet-care transport system, including its ABEO seatbelt attachment, is tested and compliant with SAE standards for occupant restraint in ambulance patient compartments for frontal, rear, and side collisions.

This agreement allows Technimount EMS to continue its consolidation as a leader Canadian healthcare market. “We are delighted to collaborate with Saplacor in the distribution of its neonate medical wrap”, said Carl Bouchard, President, and CEO of Technimount System. “We are convinced that the healthcare community in Canada will embrace this innovative product that improves wellbeing and safety for neonates and their mothers”, he stated.

This collaboration stands on shared values that both companies foster. “We are so elated at Saplacor to be working together with the whole Technimount Team, joining efforts to innovate couplet-care. Technimount is dedicated to focusing on safety, integrity and improving best practices, which is why we wouldn’t want to collaborate exclusively with anyone else in Canada.”, stated Mary Chiesa, Founder, and CEO at Saplacor.

About Technimount EMS®

Technimount E.M.S. Holding Inc. is a manufacturing company which recently added to its portfolio a distribution component as part of Technimount System group. It is dedicated to offering the highest quality products to the Canadian healthcare community, addressing the safety needs of patients and healthcare providers in hospitals, military, and emergency transport environments.

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Made by Healthcare Professionals for Healthcare Professionals

The Aegis Wrap was created because of necessity. Our Founder and CEO worked in Labor and Delivery for a decade, understanding the needs of innovation for a safer, Baby-Friendly Initiative. At Saplacor, we aim to help parents, newborns, and hospitals to have a safe and secure postpartum recovery period.

Aegis is the Neonatal Trifecta


    The Aegis Wrap is an essential tool in safe postpartum recovery for skin-to-skin bonding and breastfeeding.


    The Aegis Wrap allows zero-separation during EMS transports. Couplet-Care allows baby to stay with heat and food source: mom.


    The Aegis Wrap allows patients to have 100% hands-free, mobility, in the case of an emergency evacuation.

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