The Aegis Neonate Medical Wrap

Hospital - Evacuation - Ambulance

Hands-Free, Couplet-Care After Delivery Provides the Best Possible Start for Newborns and Moms.

Made by Healthcare Professionals for Healthcare Professionals

The Aegis Wrap was created because of necessity. Our Founder and CEO worked in Labor and Delivery for a decade, understanding the needs of innovation for a safer, Baby-Friendly Initiative. At Saplacor, we aim to help parents, newborns, and hospitals to have a safe and secure postpartum recovery period.

Aegis is the Neonatal Trifecta


    The Aegis Wrap is an essential tool in safe postpartum recovery for skin-to-skin bonding and breastfeeding.


    The Aegis Wrap allows zero-separation during EMS transports. Couplet-Care allows baby to stay with heat and food source: mom.


    The Aegis Wrap allows patients to have 100% hands-free, mobility, in the case of an emergency evacuation.

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Aegis Wrap's FDA Clearance

The Aegis Wrap is a FDA cleared General Wellness (C#170068) skin-to-skin wrap... 

Breastfeeding Support with The Aegis Wrap

The Aegis Wrap is a breastfeeding support system that acts as a... 

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