Like a baby blanket, ONLY better....

Postpartum is actually a pretty busy time during your hospital stay. AEGIS Neonate Wrap securely holds your baby skin to skin and allows you to be hands-free to take care of business so you can get to the most important part - rest and recover.

Increase successful breastfeeding rates with the AEGIS Neonate Wrap
Infant falls and suffocations are increasing. Position your hospital as a leader in patient safety with the AEGIS Neonate Wrap. The Seatbelt of Maternity
Safer hospital standard of Couplet-Care 
Intended for moms & dads. 
Dads want to bond with their babies. This is a special time for them as well. That can safely bond and hold their baby so mom can get some rest and recovery from the birth experience.  Mother is a patient too and needs to sleep.
AEGIS is not Intended for co-sleeping
After Delivery, through out Postpartum recovery, Dr's always request patients to get up & start walking. Aegis secures baby to the front of mom skin-to-skin, re-establishing her pregnancy posture. Safely distributing baby's weight evenly across her back in the aegis wrap for better balance as her body slowly transitions back to her pre-pregnancy posture.
AEGIS creates a safer baby friendly "Rooming-In" patient experience 
After a cesarean delivery the nurses want their patients to get up and walk around to improve circulation.  The AEGIS Neonate Medical Wrap allows you to be hands free while you walk around.
NICU babies benefit greatly from skin to skin bonding. Exhausted and stressed parents can bond with baby skin to skin hands-free and relax. Improving the NICU experience helps baby heal and parents relax during a stressful time.
Nurses, OBs, and Patients love the AEGIS wrap for the safety it provides and the comfort for mother and baby during the neonate phase.
The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding states that US would save $13 billion dollars if 90% of mothers breastfed exclusively for 6 months.

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  CHEST                        SIZE

29-32 inches 1
32-37 inches 2
37-42 inches 3
42-47 inches 4
47-52 inches 5