Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about The Aegis Neonate Medical Wrap and ABEO Seatbelt Attachment. 

1. Is the Aegis a one size fits all?

Nope. The Aegis Wrap comes in 5 sizes that range from 29-52 inches. The most common way to figure out your Aegis size is to use your bra size. 

2. What is the difference between FDA Registered, Cleared, and Approved? 

When you see “FDA registered,” it’s just an invitation to dig deeper. “FDA registered” communicates no authenticity, validity, or FDA goodwill. An “FDA registered” company may have sent FDA a registration fee, but they have not necessarily been audited by the agency. In the same way, an FDA registered manufacturer has not necessarily been inspected by FDA yet.

Cleared, when used correctly, this term refers to FDA allowing a device to market through the 510(k) process based on substantial equivalence to a legally marketed predicate device. It doesn’t sound as glamorous as “FDA approved,” but “clearance” is a critical step on the path to market for many devices. A device that is truly “cleared” may not have FDA’s affirmative blessing, but it has certainly passed a basic level of scrutiny and the door is now open to market.

FDA Approved: This term is reserved for the highest risk “Pre market approval” or PMA devices. It is only this small subset of devices, subject to incredible scrutiny, which actually earn the label “FDA approved.”

3. Will the silver in the Aegis Wrap wash out over time? 

Nope. According to X-Static Silver™, "X-STATIC® is not a surface treatment. Silver is irreversibly bound to a polymer so it becomes a physical part of the fiber. X-STATIC® is permanent and performance does not diminish over time. In fact, X-STATIC® cubicles have been tested after 200 commercial launderings with virtually no reduction in performance.". 

4. Do you have to use the ABEO strap with the Aegis Wrap?

You only have to use the ABEO strap with the Aegis Wrap when transporting in an ambulance. Hospitals or patients can just purchase the wrap on its own for postpartum recovery.  You can purchase both separately. 

5. How do I wash the Aegis Wrap at home? 

There are wash instructions included in the silk labeling in the Aegis Wrap. Just wash it with the rest of your athletic clothes an your good to go. 

6. Can I fit twins?

YES! We love seeing moms who have twins use the Aegis Wrap. You can safely fit twins in the Aegis. Twins who are maintained together recover and gain more weight better.  We advocate for doctor or nurse's discretion when using the Aegis Wrap for triplets or multiples. 

7. Can my partner and I share the same Aegis Wrap or do we have to buy separate ones? 

It depends. For example, let's say you order a size 3 (one of the most common sizes). You ordered it based off of your chest measurement (in). A size 3 ranges from 37-42 inches. If your partner's chest measurement fits within that range of inches you are good to go, however if they are not you will need a separate size in order to have your baby positioned safely within the wrap. If you have any additional questions, or are on the fence of one size to another, don't hesitate to reach out and we will help you. 

8. Does Aegis have a clinical trial?

No, The Aegis Wrap has not yet been involved in a clinical trial however, we went one step further for safety. The Aegis Wrap underwent extensive crash testing in 2018 with Calspan to ensure the validity and integrity of the Aegis Wrap as a baby carrier and transport device. Check out our crash testing video and results on our Ambulance webpage. 

9. Is the Aegis Wrap Affiliated with LuluLemon? 

No, The Aegis Wrap is not affiliated with LuluLemon. However, Aegis does have the same material, manufacturer and same X-Static Silver as LuluLemon.