Collection: Crash Tested for Your Patient's Safety

The Aegis Wrap was crash tested at Calspan in 2018 to adult SAE standards. 

The Aegis Wrap passed with flying colors. Engineers have explained Aegis as a "bungee chord" in the case of an ambulance accident. It's called a bungee chord because of the way The Aegis Wrap absorbs the energy of baby moving minimally outwards and coming back onto mom's chest. Instead of having a seatbelt covering baby where there is no give, Aegis absorbs the energy and results in less than a chest compression of injury onto mom. 

The engineers that tested Aegis state that our data resulted better than most carseats on the market. 

Why does this matter? 

Traditionally, baby is secured in an incubator, another neonatal restraint system, or just held in mom's arms. Aegis passed the crash testing with adult SAE standards, we are transparent with our data. Skin-to-skin bonding is the optimal habitat for baby to be in for thermoregulation and food source, which other products lack. 

This also helps to cut down on taking just one ambulance instead of two since mom and baby are being transported together. 


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