Collection: Reduce the Risk of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Each year, about 14 million women experience PPH resulting in about 70,000 maternal deaths globally.". With maternal mortality being a high-priority topic, hospitals and healthcare professionals strive to make the best solutions for antepartum and postpartum health and wellness. 

Skin-toSkin bonding has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of postpartum hemorrhage due to the immense release of oxytocin. A study done in 2019 found that, "Oxytocin is one of the most important uterotonic factors and plays an important role in uterus contraction, acceleration of the third stage of labor and controlling postpartum hemorrhage."

By placing baby immediately skin-to-skin in the Aegis Wrap, mom and baby can start facilitating that immense release of oxytocin through safe, skin-to-skin contact. This then has been clinically proven to help reduce the risk of postpartum hemorrhage after birth; "women who did not have skin to skin and breast feeding were almost twice as likely to have a PPH compared to women who had both skin to skin contact and breast feeding".

The Aegis Wrap is immensely helpful in facilitating safe skin-to-skin bonding to reduce the risk of postpartum hemorrhage is during ambulance transports. 

Because IV's of oxytocin and blood aren't present in the back of an ambulance, the most important factor is skin-to-skin bonding. But, how can they safely perform skin-to-skin bonding while in th back of a moving car? The answer is simple. The Aegis Wrap was crash tested and passed to SAE adult standards. The Aegis Wrap passed at a 30g force test and the results were astounding. Mom and baby received less than a chest compression of force injury wise from the accident. 

Watch this webinar on reducing the risk postpartum hemorrhage with the simplicity of skin-to-skin bonding. Aegis was mentioned by doctors and nurses in this webinar as a safe method. Click here to watch. 

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