Collection: Reducing the Risk of Neonatal Hypothermia

A study done between 2017 - 2020 revealed that 72% of babies arrived hypothermic to the receiving facility after an EMS transport. Hypothermia is one of the leading causes for neonatal mortality and morbidity. 

The Aegis Neonatal Restraint System allows mom and baby to maintain zero-separation, skin-to-skin bonding. Skin-to-Skin combined with the X-Static Silver™ technology knitted throughput the entire product maintains thermoregulation and reduces the risk of neonatal hypothermia and cold-stress. 

Aegis keeps baby with the two most important things: HEAT and FOOD. Traditional battery operated incubators cannot last as long as a heat source for baby compared to the Aegis. 

Aegis is non-battery, non-electrical, and non-pharmacological. In the case of a rural transport, Aegis can maintain thermoregulation until the transport is complete. 

Have your neonates arrive not only on time, but with a healthy temperature with Aegis. 


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