AEGIS Neonate Medical Wrap

AEGIS neonate medical wrap, innovating safe couplet care for postpartum recovery in the hospital. Reduces the risk of baby falls / baby drops in hospitals.

AEGIS is used for neonatal, mom / baby transports on ambulances must be used with the ABEO seatbelt attachment. 

AEGIS brings yoga wear comfort to labor, delivery, and beyond. Comfortable unisex design available in 5 adjustable sizes. Wrap made of 90% Nylon, 6% Elastane, 4% X-Static®. Outer shoulder strap made of 94% Nylon, 6% Elastane. Made without latex or formaldehyde.

FDA cleared which allows you to use in the operating room during a c-section birth.

Measure right above breast for best fit.

Can also be used with twins

ABEO must be purchased with AEGIS for ambulance transport or purchased by itself for pregnancy & pediatric transport $30.00 / reusable


Size Guide
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  CHEST                        SIZE

29-32 inches 1
32-37 inches 2
37-42 inches 3
42-47 inches 4
47-52 inches 5