Collection: Aegis Wrap Provides Hands-Free Mobility

In the Aegis Wrap, moms and dads are able to bond skin-to-skin with their newborn hands-free. This approach helps optimize recovery, reestablish mobility, and enhance Rooming-In the way it was intended to be. 

Recovery consist of more than just laying in bed. Rooming-In with baby safely secured in the Aegis Wrap allows mom to be independent.

100% Hands-free mobility allows mom to:

  • Eat / drink
  • Use cellphone 
  • Walk to bathroom to change pads and use peri bottle 
  • Get up from bed to utilize bassinet changing station
  • Get up and grab patient belongings in room 
  • Take care of hygienic needs i.e. brush teeth / hair, makeup, wash hands, etc.

Our added shoulder strap distributes baby's weight evenly across wearers shoulder and back while adding immense support under baby's butt. This allows moms and dads to walk around 100% hands-free and be mobile while recovering. 

How does the Aegis Wrap differ from other leading skin-to-skin wraps for the hospital? The Aegis wrap is a baby wrap and carrier per the FDA. The Aegis Wrap unlike other wraps allows mom to be 100% hands-free. Other wraps claim you can be hands-free but then say you must have a hand on baby the whole time in their fine print. Well, Aegis doesn't. We took it one step further: Aegis can also be used for evacuations due to its hands-free ability. In comparison to other hospital baby wraps, moms can stand and walk while mom is completely hands-free. 


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