Collection: Breastfeeding Support with The Aegis Wrap

The Aegis Wrap is a breastfeeding support system that acts as a safety net for exhausted, recovering moms.

The Aegis Wrap supports baby's entire torso, with mom only supporting the head while breastfeeding.

In our advanced 4-way stretch material, baby is even able to do the breast crawl and have some movement while breastfeeding without compromising safety. 

Nurses and moms love the Aegis Wrap because it helps provide safety and support when moms are combating maternal fatigue. With the release of oxytocin from breastfeeding and extreme levels of fatigue, baby is positioned and supported safely within the wrap in the case of mom falling asleep by accident. This helps to combat the increase of baby-drops/falls during postpartum recovery. 

In addition, continuous skin-to-skin has been clinically proven to increase breastfeeding rates and duration to maximize long-term breastfeeding habits. Moms are able to go home with the Aegis Wrap and maintain breastfeeding rates and duration recommended by The Surgeon General's Call to Action. 

In comparison to other leading skin to skin bonding wraps for the hospital, the Aegis Wrap is the only wrap where mom is able to safely breastfeed within the wrap and maintain modesty and support. Other wraps say they support but then mom is still holding baby's torso completely and their breasts aren't being covered. This is different with Aegis because baby is being supported to reduce some of the strain from mom, all while making sure her breasts are being covered while being in the postpartum recovery room.

*The Aegis Neonate Medical Wrap is not a co-sleeping device.

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