Collection: The ABEO Strap/ Pregnancy Seatbelt Attachment

The ABEO Strap is an award-winning, patented, seatbelt attachment that revolutionizes safety and security for a multitude of patients in EMS transports. 

It is the ONLY pregnancy seatbelt on the market for Ambulance Transport.

The ABEO Strap creates an H-harness with the existing straps on the gurney to mitigate risk with mom-baby, pregnancy, and pediatric patients. 

Used in combination with the Aegis Wrap, ABEO creates an H-harness that sits on the chest in comparison to the cross-style seatbelts that are traditionally used. This helps to reduce the risk of abruption, fetal distress, and harm. 

*The ABEO Strap must be used in combination with The Aegis Wrap during couplet-care EMS transports. 

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