Collection: Aegis Wrap Optimizes Thermoregulation

Mom is the ultimate incubator: Since conception mom has been baby's personal incubator.

The Aegis Wrap has X-Static Silver™ technology knitted throughout the entire garment. This technologically advanced ionic silver coupled with skin-to-skin allows the wrap to acclimate to mom's body temperature, reducing the risk of neonatal cold-stress and hypothermia. 

Newborn's are used to a 98.6 degree (f) environment: mom's womb. Then baby is born into a 65 degree (f) operating room, increasing the risk of neonatal cold-stress and hypothermia. With the Aegis Wrap baby is held safe and secure within that warm environment, reducing the risk of neonatal cold-stress and hypothermia. 

Skin-to-skin bonding is the main attribute to reducing the risk of neonatal hypothermia and is recognized by the WHO as the optimal way for neonatal thermoregulation. However Aegis brings it to another level with the addition of the X-Static Silver™ mentioned above.

Other leading skin to skin wraps for sale do not have this added property. Our added silver is not only hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial, it works as an incredible enhancement to neonatal thermoregulation. The X-Static Silver™ knitted throughout the Aegis Wrap acclimates to mom's body temperature and keeps the wrap that temperature for longer. Keeping baby skin-to-skin in a nice warm hug during postpartum recovery and cold operating room temperatures immediately after birth. 

The World Health Organization recommends skin-to-skin contact as an effective way to reduce heat loss in newborns.

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